Restoration + Process exploration
Painting and restoring an old classic
This jeep started out in our family when I was 3 years old. The first time I saw it, it was black in color. It changed colors every two years until the ugly blue came in. I always hated the color, wanted it to change. My dad was reluctant on getting a paintjob - it was both expensive and the jeep was going through a lot of uncertainity since we heard about the new scrappage policy for older vehicles. I took the project up myself, decided to research and figure out how to paint vehicles, bought myself an electric spraygun and got to work.
Spray painting the Jeep
Project Duration
1 month
Jeep1. Getting the welding work doneJeep2. Removing all partsJeep3. Putting on a lot of grey NC(Nitro Cellulose) PuttyJeep4. Spraying on the grey 1K primerJeep5. Selecting the original colorJeep6. Spraying on the inside a coat of white enamel(since rough usage)Jeep7. Spraying on the final coat of PU 2 part paint and then a PU 2 part clear coatJeep8. Late night putting things back togetherJeep9. Decided to restore the original Engine number plateJeep10. Restored it with acrylic paint and a lot of cleaningJeep11. Better view of the plateJeep12. One of the few pictures my lack of documentation tookJeep13. ToolsJeep14. 3D printed a new jeep keychain and painted it(Red on one side, black on the other)Jeep15. Final picture from the day it finished